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We build deep, meaningful partnerships with organisations that recognise the importance of great leadership.

A decade of strengthening business leadership

Trevose Executive helps connect some of the leading global financial institutions with the leadership level candidates they need to support business growth in an increasingly competitive market for high level talent.

Since 2011 Trevose has cultivated relationships with leading industry figures who have come to rely on us for our insight, unrivaled network and commitment to diversity when looking to execute their hiring strategy in all major financial centres.

Trevose Partners has demonstrated its ability to identify unique senior level candidates time and time again, talent which is regularly introduced to us based on our reputation for handling all referrals with the respect, professionalism and forthright honesty that senior professionals expect.

Unmatched market expertise

Trevose Executive recruits at MD and C Suite level globally for Investment Banks, Fund Managers and Fintech businesses, with salaries ranging from £190K to £300K. Typically our placements fall within the following disciplines: Operations, Compliance, Risk Management & Programme Management.

A fully detailed job brief is always sought including the technical and soft skills requirements of each role, plus a detailed breakdown of the comp expectations of course. More importantly however, we always stress how crucial it is for them to determine for us three other core factors;

  • What lies at the heart of the requirement and by hiring someone, what problem is the candidate there to actually solve?
  • What is the value proposition of the company and what makes the position attractive to a candidate if they are in a similar senior role elsewhere?
  • How would you best describe the opportunity of joining the company above and beyond the day to day job itself?

We will then set out a detailed time line outlining the different stages of each process we take on, including the job brief, presentation of long and short candidate lists and interview time lines. Traditionally, about four to twelve weeks will elapse between the job brief and first interview stage depending on the level of seniority and skills set.

We also provide our clients with a detailed road map explaining our approach. This includes a list of target companies where, in our opinion qualified candidates will be working; a breakdown of our network to demonstrate our ability to garner referrals; plus the initial long list of candidates themselves.


of our US placements are of African American or Hispanic background


of our UK placements are Black or Minority Ethnic


of our global placements are female


of our placements outside the US and UK are female

Leadership, Search and Advice

By priding ourselves on becoming your genuine partner in all our search processes, engaging with Trevose Executive will secure the attention of our team for the duration of the assignment. We will map the market, screen qualified candidates and narrow that cohort down to a manageable shortlist made up of the most qualified people.

Trevose will work with both the client and candidate throughout the process to ensure that as the interviews progress there is no miscommunication or misaligned expectations on either side, with the ultimate aim of delivering a successful offer and acceptance from the preferred candidate.

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