Working at Trevose Partners

At Trevose Partners, actions definitely speak louder than words. We value a culture predicated upon both visibility and accountability, which means all our employees receive the reward and recognition their actions deserve.

Clients come first

We are nothing without our clients, and it is reflected in the way they are serviced by our teams. We provide our clients with a refreshingly honest and well-informed approach, giving sound advice where it is needed and exercising our judgment fairly at all times. Establishing a successful reputation in recruitment is about delivery, so to create genuine partnerships with our clients lies at the heart of everything we do.


Understand your candidates

Interviewing candidates is one of the most important things we do and is certainly not an exercise in ticking boxes. Obviously, we want to question and digest your professional experience and key achievements, but what we really want to do is to find out who you really are as a person; your likes and dislikes, any life experiences which have had a genuine impact on your career outlook, and the things which have shaped your attitude. Clients expect us to describe candidates in detail, and we invest our time with candidates to help paint them that picture.


Be proactive, always

Actions always speak louder than words and we value a culture which is predicated on the visibility and accountability of those actions. Without them, it is impossible to provide people with the reward and recognition their actions deserve. All our clients and candidates are important to us, so it is crucial that we maximise our speed to market and work with a sense of urgency at all times.

Enjoy yourself

We all pride ourselves on our professional and credible approach, but at the same time we actively encourage a healthy, rewarding, and fun work environment. We want our staff to wake up and enjoy coming to work, and it should neither be a chore nor simply a means to an end. With our detailed and thorough training programme, our aim is to give everyone the tools they need to succeed, and to have a genuine platform to shine.


It’s all about the team

All recruitment businesses have amazing individual contributors, and Trevose Partners is certainly no different, however we also understand teams that work effectively together create far more value than individuals working apart. While we have built a culture that encourages self-motivation among all our top performers, we are proud of the continued levels of goodwill which is displayed between our teams. Ultimately, everyone is working together and willing to go the extra mile for their colleagues.


Always be curious

Recruiting successfully in financial services is hard work and is an absolute privilege for all of us. It allows all our staff to make a genuine difference to hundreds of people every year, however it doesn’t just happen. The source of all successful recruiters at Trevose Partners is the ability to ask educated, pertinent and sometimes challenging questions and to unlock the information which will maximise the end result for all parties.

It’s all in the detail

We appreciate the dynamics of your industry and regardless of whether you are hiring people for your own team or searching for a new job yourself, it is an inherently risky process. This is why we are so thorough in our interactions with everyone we meet. We understand the fabric of financial markets and the web of corporate relationships that exist within it, and his helps us to provide employers and candidates with direction when making important career decisions.


Fostering goodwill

We have built a culture which encourages self-motivation and promotes goodwill amongst its teams. Although it can be challenging at times for recruitment companies to foster a sales culture based on both individual and team performance, Trevose Partners has always worked hard to ensure its employees foster a strong sense of goodwill in everything they do. While it is important for individual consultants to focus on their own performance, their own clients and their own jobs, there is still a strong sense that everyone is working together and willing to go the extra mile for their colleagues.


Diversity & inclusion

Diversity is also at the core of what and who we are and remains one of our key values. Everyone who works at Trevose Partners has different goals and aspirations in life, although everyone fortunate enough to work for us is treated with the same level respect from day one. Any business leader will tell you that the more diverse your work force is, the greater the levels of innovation, motivation, and productivity become. While the process of targeting people for our business is of course competence and merit based, it is incredibly important that we actively encourage people from all walks of life to apply. At present, 40% of our current work force is from either a gender or black and ethnic minority background.


One of the most important values we uphold is balancing both individual and team performance. Yes, our highly successful consultants are ultimately rewarded for their own efforts, but at the same time we cannot expect to build and maintain a unique culture without fostering a team ethos. So, bat for your mates, not just for yourself!

Everyone needs a pat on the back from time to time and more importantly to be recognised for their efforts. As well as a monthly award for the best performing consultant, we run both quarterly and annual awards for individual and team achievements, which are not always based on revenue numbers, but for non-financial contributions also. In addition, we run an annual incentive for the highest achievers in the business.

Our highly attractive bonus structure means everyone sees the rewards of their efforts, and a pathway to career progression is apparent for everyone. Your career really is in your own hands. Many of our top performers have experienced career progression quickly, and always on merit,


Qualities in people

When hiring for new Consultants, the most important qualities we look for in people are a determined mindset, a resilient attitude and a positive outlook on life. You may be an experienced recruiter looking to build upon an existing network, or you may have an interest in targeting a new market in financial services. Alternatively, you may be someone who has Sales or Client Service experience with a desire to use those skills in a much more dynamic environment. Above all, you need to understand people. The most complex part of our job is understanding the nuances of people’s personalities, and because candidates have always been the lifeblood of our business, our training always prioritises candidate and client management above anything else.

If you have a curiosity for life and people, have a flair for building relationships, and are naturally inquisitive, we would love to hear from you.

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