Case study

Senior Lead, US Nearshore

As an example of our global reach. Trevose Partners was Introduced to an ex-pat candidate in India via a client in New York.


We then engaged with the candidate over a two year period before he returned to the US with his then employer.


We subsequently introduced him to a Global Head of Ops at a major US bank who arranged meetings with his leadership team which led to a suitable role being identified.


This ultimately led to an offer to join our client as a senior leader in their nearshore US location. This placement is also an example of Trevose proactively engaging with our client base to inform them about a strong, diverse candidate that we have exclusive representation of. Rather than waiting for the ideal role to open, we pushed his case with our clients, in the knowledge that both line and HR are supportive of diverse hiring and would be willing to create a position for somebody of his calibre.