We recruit for all disciplines related to cross-product post trade and client lifecycle management functions. This includes all downstream process flow through the entire value chain, in support of both Transaction Banking and Financial Markets businesses. Our industry network extends to clients and candidates alike working for Investment and Wholesale Corporate Banks, as well as Broker / Dealers, Clearing Houses, Financial Exchanges, Hedge Funds and Asset Managers.

The following functions highlight the experience typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Settlements, Clearing & Asset Servicing
  • Fund Administration
  • Confirmations, Reconciliations
  • Trade Finance & Cash, Treasury & Payments
  • Loans & Syndications
  • Client On-Boarding, KYC/AML
  • Trade Support & Client Service
  • Product Control and Valuations

PMO, Project & Change Management

Without exception, all the financial institutions we partner with invest a significant amount of time and energy in delivering programmes of work, both large and small, on improving various aspects of their front to back value chain. Enhanced technology platforms and Cloud deployment enables many firms to transform their front to back workflows, ensuring greater levels of process automation, improving the robustness of risk and control frameworks, improving client delivery through digital platforms, and also ensures more robust levels of compliance by implementing regulatory obligations more effectively.

The following functions highlight the experience typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • QA / Testing
  • Business Analysis
  • Project Management
  • PMO
  • Programme Management



Risk Management

Mitigating any form of risk is at the heart of any financial services company and it comes in many different forms whether it be Business, Technology, Finance, Regulatory or Operations focused. In addition to the problems Banks and Funds have in improving their first line of defence governance and control frameworks across all product areas, there are many additional challenges face by companies large and small. These include the risks attached to their core technology stack, their regulatory compliance framework, balance sheet and liquidity management, and in addition the market has seen a massive push to improve business controls, conduct and supervision in the front office, as well alert and fails management. Trevose Partners successfully recruits across the full scope of risk management disciplines to include:

  • Internal Audit
  • First Line Operational Risk
  • Second Line Group Risk
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Liquidity Risk

Technology & Engineering

With any product or solution, the real magic is what lies behind it. In its very early days, Trevose Partners’ reputation as a broad-based financial services recruiter led naturally to us expanding into technology at the behest of our clients. Many of our key clients own the technology and budget at their organisations which has allowed us to and a significant amount of value in working with proven partners who can support all areas of their technology functions. Trevose Partners has successfully placed numerous technology roles at both large Institutions and Fintechs, which support a variety of front to back technology platforms to include Execution, Middleware, and Post Trade systems, as well as Cloud based and On-Premise software solutions which are being developed by numerous technology houses and vendors.

The following functions highlight the experience typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Software Engineering 
  • IT Architecture 
  • IT Change Management
  • Cloud Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Cyber Security

Client Service

The ability for financial institutions and financial technology companies to maintain or improve their levels of client service delivery has become ever more challenging over time, especially when you consider the challenges, they are all faced with. All organisations have had to contend with a rising cost base relative to significantly reduced revenues, and a reduction in the risk appetite of many of investors and institutions across the board. Add to that all the mandatory regulation imposed upon the entire industry and the technology platforms which for many, have become old and tired, it has put tremendous pressure on organisations to build effective client service models in order to improve the experience their clients have, cross sector.

The following functions highlight the experience typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Client Service & OCRM
  • Sales Support
  • Institutional Relationship Management
  • Business & Product Operations
  • Account Management

Product & Pre-Sales

For financial technology companies to operate effectively, they must ensure there is a strong between those who build their solutions and those who tell them. In general terms, many Sales Executives are strong at building relationships with client prospects and managing deal pipelines, but to their own admission, may not always have a granular understanding of the solutions they are selling. 

In a similar vein, many of the extremely talented Technologists whose job it is to cut code and build the actual software engine, are not always the best at delivering the right message to clients. This is where strong candidates in Product and Pre-Sales step in, building a strong conduit between technology and sales and adding genuine value to the revenue pipeline. It is because of this that the best Technical Pre-Sales are in such high demand from our clients globally.

Finance & Accounting

A strong, commercial finance function is the key to any business, and it is therefore crucial that clients are able to identify qualified candidates across a range of business-critical roles. Ranging in seniority from CFO and Finance Director to Finance Managers and FP&A; candidates with the ability to assist a business to plan, manage costs and make well informed commercial decisions are always in demand regardless of the business unit. 

Trevose Partners places candidates across the full range of Finance & Accounting Functions:

  • CFO
  • Finance Director
  • Finance Manager
  • FP&A
  • Product Control
  • Management Accounting

BCP & Information Security

Business Continuity and Information Security is an area of major growth with demand coming from firms of all sizes for qualified candidates with either consultancy or ‘real world’ experience. Firms increasingly focus on the need to mitigate any disruption to internal systems and client services that may result from a systems failure, security breach or outside factor such as a weather event or pandemic. 

With people working from home, reliance on systems and new technology is critical to the continued delivery of services. This in turn has expanded the area of responsibility for Business Continuity and Information Security functions beyond the physical infrastructure of the business to locations they don’t control such as shared workspaces and family homes as well the cloud.

Areas we have recruited for in this field include:

  • Business Continuity Planning
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Information and Cyber Security
  • Technology Risk and Audit functions
  • Incident Response
  • Consultancy

Compliance & Regulation

Of the many areas we recruit, the Compliance and Regulatory fields are consistently the busiest as hiring is often mandated by regulators. Clients are continually looking at ways to mitigate against operational risks and to establish an infrastructure of systems, processes and procedures that are robust enough to ensure continued compliance with market and exchange requirements, or central bank regulations. 

Markets regulation and the continual rewrites of these rules creates demand for project specialists to implement the initial regulation and subsequent updates as well as BAU operational candidates. 

In addition to long established compliance functions, there is now a focus on areas such as conflict of interest, conduct rules and shareholder reporting, and as institutions prioritise avoiding major regulatory fines, remediation across AML, KYC and Financial Crime functions remains a focus. 

The following functions highlight the experience, typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Stress Testing
  • Control Room
  • MiFID 2
  • CASS / Client Money
  • SFTR
  • EMIR / Dodd Frank
  • BCBS 239
  • GDPR
  • Transaction Reporting
  • KYC / AML
  • Conflicts Management

Sales & Relationship Management

One of the common denominators among clients is to establish sales or client aligned teams that can drive new revenue generation as well as ensuring that client retention rates remain high year on year. We are often approached to hire sales and relationship management candidates who can help an organisation to provide a service across multiple jurisdictions either from one central location or with teams located in region. As well as sourcing candidates with technical skills in specific business areas Trevose Partners also identifies those who are multilingual or who have developed a network within a particular market segment that the client wishes to access.

Although the titles might be interchangeable the requirements for Sales and Relationship Management candidates vary greatly from product to product. Below is a sample of some of the areas in which we have enjoyed success

  • Exchanges
  • Equities & Fixed Income 
  • Fund Services
  • Cash & Derivatives
  • Commodities 
  • Collateral Management 
  • Prime Services & Clearing
  • Trade Finance