We understand the dynamics of your industry and appreciate that whether you are hiring people for your team or searching for a new job, it is an inherently risky process.

This enables us to advise employers on the right people to hire, and candidates on the right career paths to take. Our job is to help people make the right choices and to be sensitive about any misplaced expectations.

Whether you are a candidate looking for that next opportunity or an employer looking to hire for an existing position, we can help you to identify the right people for the right jobs at the right level.


Our Consultants are taught the importance of being proactive and working with a sense of urgency. They have the confidence to form worthwhile opinions and to stand by them when they need to.

We understand the fabric of financial markets, commercial industry and the web of corporate relationships that exist within it. This helps us to provide employers and candidates with direction when making important career decisions.

We believe in speed, discretion and in the importance of detail. Everyone has a different set of circumstances which are listened to intently. Whatever your background, you will find us to be intelligent and well informed.


All our mandates are properly qualified enabling us to manage the expectations of an ever more competitive candidate pool.

Reputations matter greatly in the corporate world. We help to influence this by challenging the traditional attitudes of employers and candidates by selling the attributes of people and companies on merit, helping them to make decisions based on reality rather than heresay.

We manage the entire recruitment lifecycle taking into account all eventualities at every stage. We are committeed to providing a service where expectations are managed, communication is transparent and a sense of urgency is assured.