Dublin Ireland

Repo Trade Support, Dublin

Date added

24 September 2021

Job sector

Global Banking & Markets

Job type

Permanent / Full Time


Individual will be responsible for representing mandate to internal and external stakeholders during London business hours.

  • In all instances it is expected that the individual will develop, promote and maintain positive relationships with all stakeholders.
  • Individual is responsible for the daily execution of the following activities by London team:
  • Internal position management, including rerating / repricing, booking internal tickets between trading books and between regions.
  • Identifying and returning excess short cover collateral to counterparties
  • Running an internal allocation process between the Repo desk and cash desks.
  • Running a secured financing process
  • Assisting in the resolution of STP feed outages.
  • Generation of analytic short cover and financing reports for IFI trading desks
  • Running and analyzing a daily Risk report on behalf of both the Repo and Funding desks, addressing any anomalies
  • Trade entry for Daily Triparty tickets, and ad-hoc bookings for Repo and Sec Lending tickets
  • Monitoring and flattening FX exposure between Repo books
  • Monitoring unfunded cash and addressing unexpected positions
  • Investigation of ad-hoc trade queries – liaising with internal groups as well as brokers and external counterparties to ensure all queries are resolve din a timely manner.
  • Distribution of PnL data to senior management, - investigating any irregularities 
  • Individual will actively manage various initiatives and ad hoc requests that impact the London and Dublin regions. This applies to initiatives governed by head office as well as initiatives originating in London and Dublin.  Initiatives will vary from infrastructure improvements, changes in regulatory requirements to supporting local business initiatives.  The individual is expected to utilize their relationships to help drive these initiatives to completion.
  • Individual is expected to evaluate any changes in regulatory requirements and changes in the business model for impact to existing activities and pro-actively make changes to adapt to maintain effective business support. Where appropriate, the individual will engage cross-functional stakeholders in order to deliver the most cost effective, value-added solutions.
  • Individual is expected to work in partnership with other teams to ensure any audit or regulatory findings are managed and cleared within the committed timelines.
  • Individual will ensure both Functional and Regional Management are kept current and apprised of all relevant issues relating to activities with proper escalation of issues in a timely manner.
  • Individual is expected to maintain a good understanding of financial markets, stay current on developing issues regarding the principles of pricing and risk management, and various products employed but the business.

You must observe proper standards of market conduct. It is your responsibility to ensure that you take reasonable steps to be fully aware of, understand and comply with all regulatory requirements from all regulatory bodies that are applicable to your business. You will promptly report to your supervisor(s) or manager(s) any instances in which you are aware of any violation or possible violation of such regulatory requirements by yourself or others.  
These policies and regulatory requirements may include all, some or other regulatory jurisdictions as they relate to your business including, but not limited to: Government Securities Commissions, OSFI, IIROC, FCA, PRA, FRB, FINRA, SEC, MAS. 
Management should be kept fully informed at all times of all Regulatory and Compliance issues. You must deal with Management, Compliance, regulators and all control functions in an open and cooperative way and must disclose appropriately any information which Management, Compliance, regulators or control functions would reasonably expect to know.
Act as part of the first line of defense in identifying and managing operational risk in accordance with assigned accountability.  You are expected to understand the mitigating controls for any operational risk inherent in the assigned area of accountability and to appropriately address any control breakdowns or weaknesses in order to limit controllable operational risk events. Where risk events occur, the job holder is required to report any events in accordance with policy and assigned level of responsibility. If a process owner, or process owner’s delegate, post holder is required to comply with the applicable risk and control self- assessment standard.
You must ensure that you are fully aware of your management reporting lines and escalation procedures.
As a Manager/Supervisor you are also responsible for ongoing and effective supervision of the employees under your direction and ensure their adherence to regulatory requirements. You will promptly report to Management and Compliance any violation or possible violation of such regulatory requirements identified as part of your supervisory responsibilities.  
You must take reasonable steps to ensure that the business of the firm for which you are responsible is organized so that it can be controlled effectively and that you exercise due skill, care and diligence in managing that business.

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