We understand the dynamics of your industry and appreciate that whether you are hiring people for your team or searching for a new job, it is an inherently risky process.


This enables us to advise employers on the right people to hire, and candidates on the right career paths to take. Our job is to help people make the right choices and to be sensitive about any misplaced expectations.

Whether you are a candidate looking for that next opportunity or an employer looking to hire for an existing position, we can help you to identify the right people for the right jobs at the right level.

Writing Your CV

Writing a CV can be a frustrating and sometimes arduous task for the best of us.

There are numerous articles and websites advising you on how best to structure your CV, however to avoid confusion, we believe there are a few essentials to remember before you begin.

  • Ensure your style is concise and 'to the point' — avoid waffle without being blunt.
  • Do not deliberate on one part of your career at the neglect of another; your CV needs balance.
  • Take time to explain your achievements as they help you standout, and make you unique.
  • Ask yourself why you did something rather than just what you did. Put your responsibilities in context.
  • Separate responsibilities from achievements; if you have accomplished key goals then make them visible.