Agency Management Officer - AMO

Location: London, United Kingdom
Rate: Competitive
Job Type: Contract, Full time

Job description:

Primary contact/coordinator for internal and external business partner and issuer requests and inquiries related to complex and sensitive syndicated or club credit facilities for which the bank acts as Administrative Agent.

Key responsibilities:

  • Has advanced knowledge of credit products and syndication process and governing documents, including highly complex unsecured/secured credits and troubled deals.

  • Reviews and comments on loan agreement drafts for clarity, agency issues, and operational feasibility to ensure that final documents are workable for all parties; closes new deals, amendments, waivers, and consents.

  • Proactively identifies and strategically resolves, through recommendation, highly complex issues related to portfolio; is considered a critical thinker.

  • Functions independently with minimal supervision.

  • Maintains database of deal-specific contacts; disseminates financial/compliance information; impartially communicates with investors; works with counsel (in-house and outside); arranges meetings for issuer/investors.

  • Is considered an expert on agent-related matters and is a resource to others; effectively manages workload and properly balances risk against reward. Is highly client focused and actively demonstrates excellent leadership skills.

  • Exhibits professional maturity; shows promise of being a solid manager given demonstrated leadership capabilities.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Associate possesses minimum of 5 years of AMO or related experience

To apply please email your CV to the following consultant:  

Cameron Howard
020 3763 3912