The most important aspect of our business is our people. This is why we are constantly looking to build and develop our team of experienced consultants.

A career with Trevose Partners is about working in a professional atmosphere which rewards hard work and encourages both autonomy and intuitive instincts.

It is also about being competitive and first to market, but also responsive and empathetic to peoples needs. More importantly though it is about having fun and enjoying what you do.

Partnering with globally recognized companies carries with it a big responsibility, and it is certainly not just about filling jobs.

Clients expect us to offer them solutions, to be a sounding board, and to offer advice and opinion where appropriate. They also expect us to stand by our views if we believe strongly enough in them.

Our business will definitely suit those with a sense of drive and purpose. You may have an established background in financial recruitment or instead work within the financial industry wishing to utilize your functional expertise in a more dynamic way. Either way, Trevose Partners can offer you the platform you need.

With quality training, internal procedures for added support and a strong collegiate culture, we have an ideal environment that provides ambitious individuals with a platform to shine.

Through confidence, humility and a sound footing, we recognize that everyone is always learning and that nobody knows it all! Our job is simply to channel your energy, enthusiasm and experience to become the best in your field.

To enquire about a career opportunity with Trevose Partners, please contact:

Richard Herring on +44 (0)20 3763 3900 or email  Linkedin

Barry Whyte on +1 (646) 759 3635 or email  Linkedin