Trevose Partners continues to work with the very best clients in the Global Banking & Markets industry and has worked hard over many years to build an enviable reputation across the market.

Our key clients are varied and include a wide range of core and sub sectors within Investment Banking, Asset Management, Clearing Houses, Service Providers and Software Vendors. 

The majority of our successes have been demonstrated across Operations, Finance, Compliance, Client Service & Relationship Management, Project & Change Management, and Sales & Business Development.

The Global Banking & Markets industry has undergone massive change in recent years since its recovery from the Global Financial Crisis in 2008, and almost all corners of the sector have been effected.

All major organisations have had to contend with a rising cost base relative to significantly reduced trading revenues, and a reduction in the risk appetite of many of investors and institutions across the board.

These issues have also had to contend with the need to improve the way operational risk is mitigated, whilst trying to maintain and increase levels of service delivery to an ever demanding client base.

Most institutions are counting the cost of two major factors which have become apparent over the last 10 years or so.

The politically generated demands placed upon them from global regulators has proved to be both challenging and costly, with increased pressure to help repair damage to the industry's reputation, and to ensure compliance with a variety of policies.

When times were good, profits were strong and balance sheets were robust, however there has been a continued barrage of industry driven obligations, which has proved to further highlight to the wider industry an acute under investment in technology infrastructure by everyone.

Project & Change Management

Our clients, many of which are leading financial institutions, are facing a similar set of significant challenges, to include; eroding revenue streams; stringent capital requirements; regulatory and tax reform; maintaining accounting standards; and or; improving levels of client service.

The relationship between a company's Technology, Operations and Business functions has become ever more important with the re-engineering of functional architecture and the enhancement of process efficiency being critical ways to confront the challenges they face.

The following functions highlight the experience, typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Strategic Change
  • Program Management
  • PMO
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • IT Risk
  • Technology Change
  • Regulatory Reform 
  • QA / UAT

Post Trade & Client Service

We recruit for all disciplines related to cross-product BAU and Change Management functions. This includes all downstream process flow through the entire trade life cycle, post-execution.

Our industry network extends to client and candidates alike working for Investment Banks, Dealer/Brokers, Clearing Houses and Financial Exchanges and Hedge Funds.

The following functions highlight the experience, typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Settlements & Clearing
  • Corporate Actions
  • Confirmations, Reconciliations
  • Client On-Boarding
  • Prime Services / Client Clearing
  • Trade Support, Client Service
  • Product control and Valuations


We recruit for a variety of institutions in the Investment Banking, Asset Management, Alternative Investment and Financial Technology sectors, all of which share similar goals.

Most are continually looking at ways to mitigate against operational risks and to establish an infrastructure of systems, processes and procedures that are robust enough to ensure continued compliance with market and exchange requirements, or central bank regulations.

The following functions highlight the experience, typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Stress Testing
  • Control Room
  • MiFID 2
  • CASS
  • SFTR
  • EMIR / Dodd Frank
  • BCBS 239
  • GDPR
  • Transaction Reporting
  • KYC / AML
  • Conflicts Management

Sales & Relationship Management

We recruit into a variety of related institutions in Global Banking & Markets, to include Asset Management, Custody, Funds Services and Prime Brokerage.

All of which are looking to establish a greater foothold in their specialist field or geographical footprint.

One of the common denominators among many clients is to establish centralized sales or client aligned teams who can provide a service across multiple jurisdictions from one location, driving the need for multilingual candidates.

The following functions highlight the experience, typical to many of our clients and candidates in this field:

  • Buy-side
  • Exchanges
  • Equities & Fixed Income 
  • Fund Services
  • Cash & Derivatives
  • Commodities 
  • Collateral Management 
  • Prime Services & Clearing
  • Trade Finance