Most of the candidates we represent are referred to us. This is not because we place everyone we meet but is instead because of our style and approach, which we are confident you will find honest and forthright. Regardless of your background, Trevose Partners will work with you in identifying your next career opportunity. 

Of course, we spend much of our time sourcing candidates and conducting searches for roles for which we have been mandated, however we are equally as adept in our ability to proactively source opportunities for candidates, by making discrete, but targeted approaches on your behalf.

Trevose Partners has built a strong reputation within the financial services and commerce and industry sectors working with some of the world's most recognisable financial and blue-chip institutions. This has helped us create formidable relationships with our clients, allowing us to identify tremendous career opportunities for our candidates.

Your career involves an enormous range of decisions. We also appreciate many candidates' frustrations during a job search whether it is lack of response, poorly managed expectations, or a tardy approach. From the moment you apply for a new position with us to the time you start your first day with one of our clients, we will keep you informed at every stage, to ensure your placement process is a seamless as possible.

Interview Advice

Planning and Preparation

Company and
Job requirements

Most web sites will provide you with information on the products they sell, the company structure, its people and values. You should already have some idea of the job requirements, however it is still important to obtain a thorough job description if you haven’t already received one.

Evidence of past achievements and examples

Ilustrate your most relevant achievements to date, providing documentation as evidence of those achievements such as educational certificates. Also, many companies will ask you to share an example of how you have demonstrated a particular skill or behaviour. 

Difficult questions

If you do not know the answer to a 'difficult to answer' question, do not bluff your way through as many employers will include integrity as a core value.

Look and feel the part

It sounds obvious but planning what to wear will avoid last minute panics! Take time to rehearse how you will introduce yourself, and how you might respond to the interviewer's questions. This will help you to feel more self assured.


Plan your journey to the job interview remebering key things to take along to ensure you are unruffled on the day, such as car parking facilities or local transport options


What to Expect During the Interview

The interview structure

Each job interview will vary in style and content. However, it is helpful to be aware of the basic interview structure and some of the techniques used. A typical four part technique is outlined below:


This usually lasts between 2 to 5 minutes and involves informal greetings and some less job relevant questions to relax you, such as "how was your journey?"


The main part of the job interview will be spent with the interviewer asking you a wide range of questions to find out about your potential suitability to the job role and the organisation.

Absorb and share

Time will be allocated by the interviewer to provide you with information about the job, and allowing you the forum to ask questions to the interviewer. If you feel the interviewer has not asked you questions about an aspect of your past that you deem relevant, it would be wise to mention it here.


Once the interviewer has answered all of your questions, they will usually inform you of the next steps in the interview process; including how and when you should hear the outcome of your interview.



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Global Banking & Markets


  • Settlements & Clearing, Corporate Actions
  • Confirmations, Documentation
  • Reconciliations / Investigations
  • KYC / AML, On-Boarding
  • Prime Services / Client Clearing
  • Fund Accounting, Fund Admin, Unit Pricing
  • Trade Support, Sales Support, Client Service
  • Product Control, Valuations
  • Market Risk, Credit Risk, Operational Risk
  • Operations Control, Change Management
  • Project Management, Six / Lean Sigma


  • Equities 
  • Fixed Income 
  • Equity Derivatives 
  • Futures & Options 
  • Rates & Credit Derivatives 
  • Commodities 
  • FX Options 
  • Collateral Management 
  • Loans 
  • Prime Brokerage 
  • Trade Finance

Financial Technology


  • Mining & Commodities
  • Advertising & Media
  • Sports & Leisure
  • FMCG
  • Food & Beverage
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Freight & Shipping
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Publishing
  • Industrial
  • Telecommunications
  • Hardware & Software
  • Utilities
  • Agricultural


  • Financial Accounting
  • Management Reporting
  • Regulatory & Compliance
  • Tax
  • Treasury / Liquidity
  • Risk Management
  • Internal Audit
  • Financial Control
  • Financial Analysis
  • Project & Change Management
  • Process Re-engineering